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Salsa Ladies Styling DVD’s the best of Los Angeles


Volume 1 video is primarily 'on 1' footwork and cross body lead styling of Low Intermediate level. Teresa invited a number of LA lady salsa stars to complement her own contribution, so that you can have a nice sample for decoration and LA style.

Janette Velenzuela co-founder of Salsa Brava, who shows her LA style; Christina Haggerty from Salsabor y Cache and Salsa In The Mix, showing her Hip Hop influence in Salsa; Liz Lira, multiple time World champion with her flamenco and tango feel and Carolina Cerisola, also Mayan champion with Johnny Vasquez teaching in Spanish and showing her sassy body movement.

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Janette Valenzuela founder of Salsa Brava, Zulmara Torres multiple time competition champion, Emily Alabi spin master, Stephanie Stevenson, dancer, competitor, choreographer, and Zuly Dextre

Volume 2 is primarily 'on 2' styling footwork for ladies. Teresa Zamorano again brings together a great cast of ladies with diverse energy, and styling for the Intermediate dancer.

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  Volume 1 and 2

$46.00 Includes Shipping