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Join us Every Thursday at Olivia's 245 E. Olive Burbank for a FUN FUN night to remember!! Dance classes, 8PM Beg. - 8:50 Int.
DJ and Live Latin Music!!
September 4th Mike's B-Day Bash Live
"Orquesta Son Mayor"
September 11th Dee Jay Night !!
September 18th Live "Orquesta La Combinacion"
September 25th Guest Dee Jay Night !!
We Offer Private & Group lessons & Entertainment Services.
Contact us for more information at:
"NEW"  Salsa Basic Class Every Monday in the Valley!! Mondays 6-7PM  / 20462 Bermuda, Chatsworth questions call 818 554 0537. *****BY RESERVATION ONLY*****.
Salsa y Mas Dance Training/Classes Wednesdays, 8:30pm at 6729 Variel Ave, Canoga Park
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 Join us! 
Dance Cruise to the Bahamas Sept. 21-28 2014
email us for details